Pioneering a new London theatre, focused on supporting creative enterprise by establishing a vital hub of education, engagement and practice.

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Over the past year we have been in discussion with the local authorities, the Mayors office, landlords, property consultants and architects - preparing tenders, proposals and funding applications to bring forward our plan. Below are a few of our completed feasibility studies.


Waterloo Library - Meanwhile Use

Working with Suzie Bridges architect in early 2016, we prepared a tender for the meanwhile use of Waterloo Library in Lower Marsh.


Lower Marsh - Feasibility Study

Working with architects Project Orange, we prepared a feasibility study for a mixed use development on Lower Marsh, including the application of European Union Regional Development funding.


East London Theatre

A feasibility study to temporarily occupy an empty building in London City Island.


Our Aims


Supporting Enterprise

Creative entrepreneurs play an important role in the creation of growth and jobs in the theatre industry -  It is important we provide the necessary resources and support network to support new activity.


Enhancing Culture

Culture makes life better, helps to build diverse communities and improves our quality of life.  We will provide exciting opportunities for communities to participate in and enjoy theatre, performing arts and music.

Driving Local Business

Theatres are great economic drivers generating a significant contribution to local footfall and act as a cornerstone of our tourism industry and community life.


Increasing Employment Opportunities

The project will creatre thousands of new jobs in a range of industries including: Theatre operation, lighting, sound, administration, performing artists, directors, set, costume and wig designers, ushers, bar, box office.


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