Where it all began.

Having achieved grant funding of £150,000 from the Greater London Authority in  2014, the project was originally conceived as a mixed use development comprising  custom build housing and a small cultural space.


In 2016, we re-envisaged the project, focusing on the delivery of the new theatre and creative enterprise space, providing  the facilitates to incubate creativity and enterprise within the theatre sector.  The project has build a team of professional advisors and built relationships with local authorities, property consultants and architects. We are currently seeking potential development opportunities across London.


Supporting theatre enterprise


Gareth Andrew Williams

Executive Director



London theatre takes more than £600 million at the box office per year, however theatre production is a highly risky industry with a high turnover of failing businesses. This suggests that small and medium sized theatre production companies need extra help in the early years. We support the formation of new theatrical commercial producers, and emerging enterprises, by providing a holistic incubator programme offering the resources to provide a practical training facility. We’ve evidenced that 83% of emerging theatre producers feel that it would be useful for them to have a dedicated workspace, if it was aaffordable, and all our responders said that they needed help at some point, when starting up.


A vital hub of education, engagement and practice - the proposed arts hub will provide support to creative entrepreneurs, offering flexible workspace and a new playhouse for London.


With Thanks To:

Project Orange Architects

Suzie Bridges Architects

Caroline Hanson - Delfont Mackintosh Theatres

Steve Hile - Partner, Gerald Eve

Neil Lawrence - Partner, Gerald Eve

William Yarney - Restaurant Manager at The Woodford

Rebecca Morland - The Theatres Trust

Guy Kitchenn - Former Executive Theatre Director at the St James Theatre.

Matthew Keeler - Associate Producer, St. James Theatre

Sasha Regan - The Union Theatre, Southwark




London is without doubt the theatre capital of the world. From the bright lights of the West End and our thriving fringe, to the rise of immersive theatre in the unlikeliest of places, the quality, variety and breadth on offer here is unrivaled. Employing thousands and bringing in almost £620 million a year, theatre is also hugely important to our economy.

Former London Mayor, Boris Johnson



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