Waterloo Library

Working with architect Suzie Bridges


The Penny Gaff is a collaboration between architect Suzie Bridges and London Theatre Incubator. A response to Lambeth Councils invitation to tender for the meanwhile use opportunity of Waterloo Library.


The project proposed the retrofit of Waterloo Library and the addition of a 122m structure in Granbury Place, hosting a 160-seat theatre, entrepreneur’s workspace, front of house; bar and pop-up restaurant.  A multi-disciplinary project to:


  • Provide a vital hub of education, engagement and practice for theatre producers, by curating a holistic incubation programme to support new and emerging theatre entrepreneurs.


  • Provide a ‘pop-up restaurant’ opportunity for local street food merchants.


  • Provide an opportunity for local residents to experience culture through food and theatre.


  • Establish a vibrant, cultural hub in Lower Marsh, bringing together the local artistic and cultural community.


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